Saturday, March 05, 2011

I-20 Chronicles.....The Saturday Recap....

Its business as usual; Saturday in the A-Town...out on I-20 cruising in the hooptie.

Listening to Youngblood on Kiss 104; ATLiens acting brand new with me!

Doing my duty; put in an O-Dog beat tape..he had some more of that street funk! 

Whose on active duty in spiritual warfare? it's off the chain in Libya!! I heard homie say don't let me catch you in the street !! ATLiens will get crunk!

Turned left...dipping down I-75...headed to  South's Like Lebron on a fast break dunk; its like this and like that!

Or maybe Blake Griffin  a bruh peeped how the fake are paying homage and respect in Sylvester, GA to one of the the elders..told walking through the shadow of death I should fear no we had to fight that! ...

How did they try to play me? couldn't take it!! under attack like Obama vs Romney... its rough dipping through the Babylon wilderness.

Old girl said you have to pray daily when your dealing with the realness!

Chill with this for a minute; as breakbeat science is dropped.

Feeling this A-Town vibe; now up on I-85...Bryan Hurst putting it down on WCLK; the usual Saturday evening thing...funk soul and jazz is dropped..

Chilling with the tribe; feeling the joy...but the pain hurts!!  that's the deal; odd and even with this thing! ...the saga / struggle never stopped!!

Odd , even, over or under?  what was the bet in the crap game up in Sheppard Square?

Up in Louisville..whose going under..who knows the deal..considered hip or square?

Its way too real!!  took it there..back in the day moments; now we bring it back to the future!

Got out of the line full of clones; the machine mandating the way to feel; manufacturing the next creature feature!

Dipped back down I-20 back to the east side...avoiding drones like it's Pakistan..that's what's up man!! as we try to reach ya with breakbeat science.

As we try to teach ya;  check me a bruh  cleared these epiphanies from my mind.

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