Saturday, March 26, 2011

Still Putting Work In!!

Work is put in...Mechanical engineering; industrial strength....I hear power tools and drills.

Shadetree mechanics pursue social engineering; saying these fools should know the drills!!

Social networks told them to take those pills and rinse it down with the enhanced grape flavored Kool Aid!!

The social media makes it a trending topic!!! like Jamie Hood...what's good? some can't believe those fools fell for the charade.

I hear George Benson's Masquerade playing in the background its soon followed by Public Enemy's Cant Truss It! 

Games were played!! March Madness teams bear witness to how being thrown under the bus can get!

Can I get a  witness? can I get a what what from those that know whats up? knowing what it do!

Knowing the system is corrupt ; if you don't know you need to act like you knew!

Whatcha going through? dealing with a situation!! Juicy Fruit like the old school chewing gum.

Whatcha going through they ask a bruh? told them I'm chilling in the lab; cutting up Mfume's Juicy Fruit.. working with the drum.

.....As we get over the hump like its the middle of the week.

Trying to get over like Superfly per Curtis Mayfield but meeting opposition; haters will snitch like Wikileaks.

Winning and losing streaks are dealt with!! this too shall pass was the knowledge given by old girl!

Meanwhile a bruh streaks across the universe in uncharted territory; I was tired of the old world!

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