Friday, March 18, 2011

The Saga / Struggle Continues...Once Again Its On....Once Again..

                                      once again...once again..once again..

Once again its on...damn!!! its always something..I was trying to chill!

Once again its on; dude said he felt like Gaddafi...somebody's  running up with something  he wasn't trying to feel!

But I'm trying to deal with it; trying to come back like Tiger Woods..the saga / struggle continues.

Trying to keep it real!! but futuristic like cloud and O-Dizzle will continue to rock these venues. 

Fulfilling our potential; heard the minister say what the Lord has for us is ours.

Fools deal with ill officials; they'll get played like Jean-Bertrand Aristide ; a haters main focus is to put us behind bars!

Old or new schools need to be upgraded; students still fall behind even though the law said none would be; ....I see the how the grown ups act...scars never healing; wounds are wide open.

Old or new fools still try to front!! I heard Black Moon:  don't front you know I gotcha open!

Nothing new under the sun...or even the super full moon..old or new rules upheld by a coon; scoping things out for the apparatus!

Old or new tools used; letters written, even Wikileaking; Twittering or Facebooking; updating the status!

Told some to holla back at us after they get your their minds right!

Please!!! the train of thought is rolling the Mothership stays in orbit; it stays in flight!

Insight was gained when I studied the Dark Mystery of Time and Space.. damn!! I realized its like this and like that and a.

Realized I'm outside the box; on another page...everybody won't understand a bro.

As I continue to go for what I know; sticking to the original plan!

Hopefully I continue to grow...letting my people know as they deal with this original man!

Whats up man? damn!! the saga / struggle continues...sometimes it seems I cant do Nathan!

Then sometimes I get fresh or fly; like back in the day up in Louisville buying kicks from Nathan's.

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