Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Perpetual Is The Motion

Perpetual is the motion!! we keep it moving? the train of thought is rolling..whatcha knowing?  this thing keeps going and going!

....To let cha know is the notion; as we get cha open like Black Moon..making it..soon..we provide  fuel for going for what were knowing!!

Spiritual significance in this operation after being a true player like Jerome at Club Shiznet! 

Episode from the Martin show when Tommy and Cole got robbed..what's up with me? in Libya grenades and IED's are lobbed... for those wondering whats up with it!

Thresholds reached after others were starting it...said they were like Lil Wayne and Gucci Mane..they steady mobbed!!  but now the season is over!

Holds and bars are released; things are now complete!!! the hump? we get over!

The madness never goes back to the days when cold ones in long cars like Cadillac Eldorado's were trying to get over per Superfly and Curtis Mayfield.

Pundits wonder if we have an agenda like Obama in Libya; wasn't a wannabe or pretender trying to play the field.

They should pray that we'll stop or yield!!  they see that I'm not worried about them; they should worry about me!

...Or they want me to be a cyborg or clone; that trip? I'm not on!! maybe acting like  a robot searching for Air Force wreckage? they said its not about me!

...As some continue to doubt me; but O-Dizzle drops he's hip hopping!

Progressive when I come through!! not drop topping and Diddy bopping!

But believe me its on and popping!! its the rebuttal as the saga / struggle continues.

Some say amen like deacons in the amen corner!! its based on what we've been through.

As we dip through; not like the F-U Pastor...I checked my fellow tribe members too many Chiefs and not enough Indians.

Plus this is not Kansas City and Dorothy is not in Kansas; negative vibe senders will gather signatures for their petitions.

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