Monday, March 14, 2011

What's The Deal? A Question I Ask Myself Quite Often...

Whats the deal? a question I ask myself from time to's like Androids vs I-Pads..especially after I see contraptions malfunction.

Whats the deal? asking's like Japanese nuclear reactors exploding...whose trapped in systems that don't function?

Whose living with dysfunctional families like the GOP..but  probably think things are normal?

Whose trying to tell O-Dizzle how the funk should go? but he's outside the box..some may consider the style abnormal!

Caught out there in the storm!! but I know what it do!! I've been out here before!

The saga struggle continues!! it wouldn't unwanted guests I tried to push it out of the door!

Outside wolves were howling at the front door causing a ruckus!

Minnesota Timberwolves style like Kevin Love trying to rebound and score but haters keep fouling us!

Juiced up like Sammy Sosa or Jose Canseca? no man!!  plus not trying to catch anything on the rebound ..carrying baggage!

What was it that they sold ya? return it to the service desk those products were just garbage!

O-Zone is a bold one; told some don't start it!!! I could care less about this world and the folks in it! 

But I'm sold on loving the next so that love is returned, so at the same time I love this world and all the folk in it!

Contradicting myself like Iran Contra deals that made Oliver North and the real Rick Ross famous.

Conflicting views!! but that's not old news from this mysterious traveler studying the Dark Mystery of Time and Space... from Pluto; out beyond Venus Mars and Uranus!

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