Sunday, March 13, 2011

Damn!!! Still Asking; What's The Prognosis?

Damn!!! I'm still asking...whats the prognosis? as a brotha analyzes the information.

The broken beat / broken prose is the rebuttal to the madness!! also the fuel for my transformation.

Especially since gas is high..blame it on Libya?  please!!  The Mothership is the transportation as I dip down I-20 in Atlanta.

Just got back from the International Space Station like the Discovery Space Shuttle..a brotha gets scientific ...but they told me we don't understand ya!

I wondered about them; as I kick this to la la land and mamby pamby land residents.

Listening to "La La La La La means I love you" by the Delfonics...our response to this? we came through in the clutch son!! still realizing there's no benevolence!

Listening to the vibe master Bobby Hutcherson being played on 89.3 WRFG.

Chilling; noticed a tribe member lit a Dutch Masters; his homie had a cut up Swisher that he manipulated.

.....Filled it with a controlled substance; now Dizzy like Gillespie but society still hated!

Played like Esperanza Spalding even though awards were received.

Jokes like Tony Danza? please..spirituality of this stanza missed because of texting and cell phone conversations? some will be deceived!

Some will be relieved that messages in the songs were missed; they want us to be distracted.

Middle passages descendants caught the short end of the stick when they interacted!

Plus GPS tracked it!! where you at?  now the coordinates are in the database!

Plus others are stressed from catching that!! they were chasing the wind; that's similar to the dollars they chase.

 Plus others are blessed...realizing it is what it is....thankful for the moment...but they proceed and continue...still trying to win in this race...

Plus others they can make car notes and mortgage payments...soon some are at Superior Court arraignments....due to Wikileaking...told them to stay out of my face...

What's the prognosis? as I analyze the information...I noticed smiles on their faces; but who has pending cases? its a Masquerade like George Benson said.

Styles cant be traced; hope will not fade..we put it down instead!

What's the prognosis? as I analyze the information...some face dread like the residents of Japan.. 

 Check the strategy; we chose this!! breakbeat science is dropped...but it's rough like Libya man!!

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