Wednesday, March 16, 2011

We Had More Math For Ya....

Whats really going on? some people were rolling like Libya; I can see they're on the warpath!

But the Brotha O-Zone stays busy; coming through, hitting you up with more math!

Ignored the ill staff!! operating like the GOP?  I let them go on about these business.

I know who and where I am!! dropping this good word and the jam...there'll be no ecological ignorance! 

Plus I wasn't dancing with the devil at the disco inferno; but I saw the roof on fire!

Wasn't under pressure like Lebron and D Wade with the shot clock about to expire!

Wasn't under pressure!! the Lord continues to shower us with blessings.

Staying on one accord; but haters throw salt in the game..they continue to stress things! 

But I address things; I'm not worried; but them they should worry about me!

Snitches confess to things..Wikileaking; said others will doubt me!

Streaking across the galaxy!!! came home like the Discovery Space Shuttle;  wasn't in Kansas like Dorothy and Toto....but I was ready to holla; but I see its not about me!

Epiphanies discovered while in the huddle with armchair quarterbacks; had a strategy..but some continue to doubt me!

Voters recall a bruh like  Mayor Carlos Alvarez in Miami....a scout will be posted up at practice taking pictures like Bill Belichek's crew.

But were going all out!! check this by product from the we make it do what it do!

Whatcha going through? everyone  has a cross to bear like the homie Je-sus.

Whatcha going through?  others front like masters of the universe; like Saturn or Zeus but we roll like Chuck Brown; busting loose.

Whatcha going through? do you choose to accept the assignment or decline; fate can be unkind....

We roll through the streets of Atlanta listening to some old  Warren G, Snoop or Dr Dre. let the music play....Nate Dogg sings in the what's on your mind?

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