Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Jumping To Conclusions..The Concept Is Revisited....

So what's really going on? jumping to the conclusion like were rocking some Jumpman kicks.

Humping like the middle of the week!! actually it is as I type this!!  blue collar style!! going the extra mile...knowledge a bruh kicks.

Plus a bruh sticks to the original plan..what's up man? already know how the hype is..Public Enemy said don't believe it!! I'm an original man..the style is from Louisville / Newburg!

....But all over the place from Pluto to Mars to the ATL!!! and in Charlotte / Mecklenburg.

.....To Johannesburg; from the halls of Montezuma to chilling with Qaddafi at the shores of Tripoli.

Didn't merge with evil forces like the Mubarak family;  plus one step ahead of the thought police on Facebook...they were trying to trip on me!

....Had to dip; its on me....rolling down Candler Road in Decatur up in the hooptie; so cold so cold!

Had to flip; haters try to throw up the peace sign or pledge allegiance...damn!!! I didn't hold my breath waiting on the truth to be told!

Proof that were bold is provided during this front line spiritual warfare business.

Arrogant and aloof accusations met when good and evil collided; friendly fire like drones in Afghanistan; whats up man? where you at? theres no ecological ignorance!

Knowing where I'm at; Jennifer Hudson asking what the deal is? please!! I'm down here in the A-Town.

O-Deezy specializes in the boom bip bap when he plays the sound!

O-Zone tried to be easy; but I don't have time to play around with these jokers.

In these danger zones time is precious!! I'm trying to slide through these sports going for broke; please!!! that's us!

Listening to Obama..realizing theres no peace or justice for a bruh; we recognized the pattern. 

We kept moving ; The Train of Thought Is Rolling!!! intergalactic style!! spaced out like Saturn.

............from the archives..check out this Jump To The Same Conclusion Mix From Brotha O!!


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