Monday, May 02, 2011

Kicking Up Dust....

I spotted them...kicking up dirt and dust; while they were hiding; might even draw a line in the sand!

Left the mountains of Bora Bora...chilling in Pakistan?..haters soon telling; now Navy Seals roll up to finish the job like they got Osama Bin Laden...

Getting any work on the PlayStation network? supposed to be a high scorer on the social network?  one like engineering that's back in demand!

Meanwhile I'm blending in the woodwork..bringing the brand new funk and the good word...back by popular demand?

Tore up the list of my money is held up like Palestinians waiting on Israel to pay up! now my net worth is enhanced by cashing reality checks; understand what I'm saying?

History repeating or is it the rebirth.? I never danced with the stars or the devil; what???  I'm just saying!

His story? the Brotha O-Zone is just laying in the cut like what what!

His fame and glory? I don't know about all that!! but I'm up on it like the Green Hornet!! I'm just praying for the corrupt!

Karmic repercussions in conjunction with the 360 degree theory? now that's whats up!

As we come with the percussions while a bruh confirms conspiracy theories concerning the corrupt!

Learning that come ups were due to elaboration, collaboration and even Wikileaking.

.....AKA whistle blowing; whatcha knowing? now facing a jury of your peers!

Flowing down streams of consciousness with Pluto retrograde; now facing a jury of your irrational fears!

Local or international? facing the fury like in Libya due to conflict of interest and contradictions.

Was I on that stuff acting irrational? winning like Charlie Sheen when I come with this non fiction?

Torpedoes of Truth? rays of light? sonic weaponry in the hooptie or contraption!! the trunk shakes and rattles.

Like earthquakes and tsunamis in Japan; so whats up man whose hating? First 48'ing during interrogations; a snitch tattles!

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