Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Mind Blowing Decisions

Listening to my song by Heatwave; mind blowing decisions.

They said "they cause head on collisions"  how you living? whose bearing witness to no win situations?

On more than two occasions like the Deele; Day and Night?

Maybe a step behind; a day late and a dollar short!! now tripping like Kid Cudi; Day and Night!

Whodini said the freaks come out at night!!  I heard the deacons in the amen corner.

They said let the church say amen; then say amen again!! after the benediction whose cutting the corner?

Fact or fiction? the 64 Chevy Impala circled the block!! cutting the corner!! watch that grammar and your diction!! or as Pops liked to your mouth!

Whose getting foul with ya?  part of your circle but didn't rock!!  now down here in the ATL; they dipped to the south!

Straight out of NYC!! accused of being arrogant, aloof, uncouth;  provided proof to authorities.

Whats the deally? harsh interrogations like Gitmo or an attitude of cooperation in these hostile territories?

Noticed when I was telling these stories haters were violating!! like faking senators with fake Osama Bin Laden pictures; straight up and down!

Bogus merchandise fill the markets like your neighborhood swap meet or flea market...ecological ignorance will alter the fate; its about to go down! already went down!! on so many levels..whose caught up in the onslaught?

Reality checks were cashed; wasn't waiting on funds like these sonic defenders come to the rescue with the Sonic Assault!

Beats and rhymes were stashed...check the steady bombardment of enemy positions; in tall fescue grass snakes/ haters were hiding.

With Titans we clashed..they didn't recognize!!  for freedom were riding!

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