Sunday, May 08, 2011

Trying To Get A Triple Double...

Trying to get the triple double like D Wade and Lebron but to Boston and Rondo they were losing...I'm still trying to do it like Jason Kidd once put it down!

What's up with ya? playing off the grid? points scored plus I assisted!! but only 5/8 so I came up short on the rebounds; but still trying to put it down!

Haters were talking about having a fire sale like Live Free and Die Hard with Bruce Willis.. tried to chill with this but can I get down like Craig Mack? a question I ask myself!

....Along with whats the deal? as I keep it real..clearance rack epiphanies sre dropped..going on with my bad self!

Was it bad that they searched for wealth? others were like Bin Laden..they got caught out there!

The old hooptie lurched forward!! Manny Moe and Jack said its on its last leg; others will get caught out there!

Manny the Pac Man made a meal of Sugar Shane Mosley...what will the proposal be? baby girl said its not fair!! I told her that's how life is!

Plus nothing was fair in love or war; told her that's how they play in this we bear witness to what strife is!

As we roll through the galaxy  plus through foreign and domestic lands..the knife is in big homies hands; the O-Jays told us about those kind!

The life is Glamorous per Sheila E; what's the deally? but who just lost their mind?

Raindrops kept falling on their head  like the pop song by B.J. Thomas now the lost and found department is overwhelmed.

What's the response to this? I roll up with the Street Funk...I'm still trying to get a triple bogus merchandise was returned to the service desk; consumers were misled!

A veteran now coaching this like Phil Jackson in Pau Gasols face!!  but who will work with this when I shed light?

Players ignore the play calling; freelancing!! they weren't checking for me; White Mike up in Kentucky  said they ain't right!

Plus some cant fight!! they entered the mode of least resistance; didn't rebuke the hostile takeover.

Didn't show persistence!! they went along with the program; apparently hoping for either a Maury or Oprah hot style makeover!

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