Sunday, May 22, 2011

Doing The Knowledge...As Usual

Assets and liabilities get quantified; Pops told me somebody lied; so we did the knowledge!

Reality issued a lot of checks...society disrespects; so whose really sanctified? who will acknowledge?

The banks lied!! stated they needed bailouts like Greece; now profits are phat and all that! 

The O-Dog funk stinks!! plus it's not Doomsday but these prophets will try to call that!

Noticed others will fall for this and that!! they believed the homie Harold Camping  when he said he was doing the damn thing!!

Now there's no happy camping; we have to crawl!! or things come to a stand still due to karmic repercussions that the damned bring!

Whats up y'all?  the landfill hid the damned things!! evidence was discarded!

Whats up y'all? what becomes of the broken hearted now departed?

Word from Jimmy Ruffin!! dude said he had to find some kind of piece of mind!

But then I have to deal with the rude ones trying to take a piece of mine!!

No peace in the Middle East; from Sudan to theres none here in the A-Town.

Trying to make do!!  make it work like clock work but some just play around!

The fake moves turned out to be awkward!! saw how that worked!!  things fell through!

Its not easy but a bruh will make moves like Herman Cain; check out what I tell ya!

But some feel the hurt..the pain...after plans are made; both the Devil and God will laugh!

The devil will try to stop you!! but God already knows the outcome...check this math!

Taking it to another level!!  that's the path we're on; as we proceed and continue!

Whats the deal? the good word and the brand new funk are on the menu!

Messages we send you in the songs using the piano or drum.

Passages and journeys we take; we're trying not to succumb!

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