Wednesday, May 18, 2011

An Outside The Boxer...

So what's up? a bruh is an outside the boxer in this championship bout!

Rumble In The Jungle..a Louisvillian like Muhammad Ali!! so whats up with ya they ask?  told them I'm going all out!! but I'm unconventional with this; without a doubt!

But others had their doubts like asking for details about Osama Bin Ladens death;  it was obvious it was written all over their face!

I could read them like a book or maybe an e-mail; who told us we would fail? all up in our face!

But down the stream of consciousness I sail at a steady pace; floating like the Space Shuttle Endeavour.. had to study the Dark Mystery of Time and Space..I had my priorities straight!

As we come with this!! chilling outside the box..O-Dizzle rocks...not pimping like Arnold or Straus-Kahn..some say whatever..its not hard to tell these territories are full of hate!

Heard some tell their stories' acting a fool up in the debate!!  talking crazy like Donald Trump! 

Word from the homies? coming through at any rate!! launching the Sonic Assault with beats that thump.

Soon getting over the hum;p next thing you know were in Brazil with 66  listening to Sergio Mendes Scarborough Fair. 

Holding trump cards like a spades game; healing scars...damn we knew in love or war nothing was fair!

But we continue to go there like its the Palladium; word from Weather Report!

Sliding through the Portal 2; old school like Philadelphia 76er up in the Spectrum; a veteran in the sport!

Knew what the sport would do; now coaching in the next school; futuristic...were now approaching that point!

Encroaching on enemy territory? not hardly!!  up in Louisville in the Park Hill projects crap game trying to make my point!

Encroaching on enemy territory? please!! at ease!! we 're putting it down like this from Louisville to the ATL to Charlotte; up in the heart of it..justice for my kinfolk...don't start it..ghetto passes never revoked; making my point with this.

As we tell the story; we  proceed and continue...act like you knew this.

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