Friday, June 17, 2011

Cleaning Things Up Like A Janitor..

Cleaning up things like a janitor; also doing security like old Otis on the Martin show at the school!

Whatcha know know good? others beaming up on things like Scotty per orders of Captain Kirk; now they wanna act a fool!

Please!! if the Dekalb County Georgia roadblocks doesn't get me it'll be other setbacks or obstacles! 

Where have you found me? in Atlanta Georgia...a brothas not going for what he knows?

That's a damn lie!! as I try to cut the corner in the old school Toyota Camry; once upon a time it was the Cut Dog.

Replaced as the go to vehicle!! Detroit mad at me?  plots and schemes I see through!! beats, breaks, and cuts provided by O-Dog. ,

Told you about the Smoke and Mirrors; the fog is getting worse!

Some joke about the horrors and terrors until their folk are in a hearst

Check the scenario; who participated in their own kidnapping like Patty Hearst? it's not the worst..but I noticed some weren't checking for me; I was overlooked!

Whatcha know? I noticed chefs were in hells kitchen;  so it's like Tripoli..the beef will be overcooked!

Whose belief? the whole game is crooked!! its shady..who recognizes the pattern?

O-Dizzle is the chief rocker; check the gamma ray blast  from the podcast.. a bruh is intergalactic..spaced out like Saturn!

A playa told me to holla at them after I checked the episode!

But this playa was just laying in the cut; not playing around with the corrupt...waiting for the truth to be told!

A prayer was sent up due to this world being corrupt!! I was out of sync with it!

Now blessings are showered down; the higher power? a brotha just had to link with it!

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