Thursday, June 16, 2011

Times Are Changing.....The Scripture..

The database was updated;  but there's no due diligence! so a lot of folks are left hanging!

Dollars that we chase has us gasping for air as we go there!! corporate or gang banging!

Times are changing  like the joint by Brass Construction; actually the whole thing is in a state of transition!

Like Ayman al-Zawahiri  replacing Bin Laden...please!! whatcha starting? we're in the heart of this thing!! beats are banging and the good word is dropped; now that's how were living!

The streets were talking about jokers barging in like troops from Syria..but  fronting like they had it going on!

Now the heat is on!! but not like Miami...please!! understand me?  jackers were stalking those large and in charge; turning this into a danger zone!

A stranger got his game on..said it was good!! now we find out otherwise!

Friends and Strangers by Ronnie Laws plays in the background; some will back down!! turn themselves in like Jamie Hood;  or they'll resign like Rep. Anthony looking wise and otherwise!

Others will rise to the occasion and fight the demons!! even if they were deacons like at Wake Forest!

Loved on two occasions like the Deele? I don't know..some are fake in this Babylon Forest!

Whose for or against us? its not hard to tell  like that Nas song!

In Babylon?  pain and anguish is dealt with; who tried to say that's wrong?

That's wrong man!! data was deleted from the hard drive; but forensic scientists with the geek squad could retrieve it!

Street with it when we bring this forensic rhetoric; knowing what the sign of the time is..even though it's changing..we weren't deceived by it!

Times are changing..check the changing is hectic...but believed in this..we knew this science was relevant.

But it's not a strange thing...we also knew that haters weren't benevolent.

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