Saturday, June 11, 2011

Life Is Hectic....The Scripture...

Here we go again; Life Is Hectic.. damn!!  dealing with setbacks, bad breaks and obstacles!

Once again its on!! it's like we're over in Libya.. ...what's up with ya?  as we get back ..laying low in the bunker; trying to figure out whose lobbing those!

Grenades; rockets red glare from improvised explosive devices were planted!

Bombs burst in the air; the devil is know he will go there!! plus folk will take things for granted!

The mothership has landed back down to earth like The Endeavour; whats it all worth; whats the prognosis? ..

The membership was bamboozled and hoodwinked by Bishop Eddie Long and Creflo Dollar? somebody holla!! analyze the information; soon theres a transformation..can we stand the doses?

They could be lethal; the madness we see through..not running off at the mouth like Tracy Morgan..Tina Fey shows support..please..knowing how these folks play.. rolling discrete is how we do!

Others were blatant; now premises are vacated; that's what foreclosure will do!

Empty promises wouldn't lead to closure; some refuse to forget after they were caught out there!

Dancers didn't empty the premises; the DJ put on Ronnie Laws Always There! 

Dancers with the wolves and devils found out laws were enforced out there!

Drama was taken to another level; wolves were at the front door  what's the deal with some? now they're heard saying life isn't fair!

Wolf tickets were sold; bomb scares phoned in..but soon the drama will unfold!

Life is hectic...Timberwolves up in Minnesota aren't the only ones who'll tell you this world is cold!

Life is hectic..letters were folded and mutilated when someone went postal!

Intergalactic!! worldwide down south and in the Midwest;  plus drama is east and west;  bi coastal!

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