Monday, June 13, 2011

Checking Things Out...Seeing What It Do!!

I was peeping game; it was like the GOP debate.. I could see I was surrounded by junk talkers!

Wasn't asleep in the game; playing like the Miami Heat..I'm down here in the ATL; some said they're getting crunk but they were just balkers!

Some said they're playa playas but just stalkers; sweating the technique...but under a protective order!

Dealing with the madness; life is hectic....massive layers weigh heavy on protection from the new world order!

You're out of order I was told!!  blame it on the Heavy Weather in Birdland.. that's word from Weather Report!

The Amityville Horror didn't affect me...what did a hater expect from me? please!! I'm a veteran in this sport!

They ask me what's up with ya? please!!in this world a brotha can't be at ease...what's the deal?  ain't a brotha from Louisville supposed to represent like Muhammad Ali?

Might be way too real; corporate?  presidential royalty? but also country ghetto and alley!

Might be the way to deal with the madness; City Country City like War... haters try to foul me on the way to the hoop!

 But we're all up in the spot where reason gave way to madness.. the referee called offensive foul on me; hating on this troop!

Meanwhile O-Dizzle gets busy!! he said on that or this loop you just might get a message! 

Meanwhile the reign started with a drizzle; somebody said its just my imagination and I'm trying to stretch this!

If its something fresh a bruh will batch this or that up; its a rebuttal of the Smoke and Mirrors show! 

Sometimes we crash and burn like Lebron know these earthlings were fascinated by the light show!

But it wasn't the First Light like Freddie Hubbard..what's up with it? I see good and evil clash; no telling how it'll go in this huge gray area!

"It ain't right" I heard some say...hood representatives lash out at the machine they already checked the scenario!

The drama goes down from Mexican barrios to American the sands of Libya..on over to the  settlements in Syria   

To Bedouin Villages  destroyed by Israelis will some play those and these? they cut up like village idiots and court jesters while I try to be serious with ya!!

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