Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Facing Opposition..

It was a big cover up..information was classified..plus official documents sanitized!

As I tell some what's up...transformation after we transcended..real with it!! plus we fantasized!

Transmission slipping in the Cut Dog;  though its cleaned up like janitors working at schools!

Divine intervention when I'm dipping through Babylon; even MLK was shot on the balcony leading protests for sanitation workers in Memphis; it was the system's tools!

Whose getting foul with me because they're caught up in the system? like Arizona fires burn.. fools need to do the knowledge!

Breaking the rules; breaking these fools!! please!! on earth life is hectic..so this style will be intergalactic;  the Dark Mystery Of Time and Space is studied..as we go there...the mothership gets good mileage!

Who gets foul with it? please...suspects are everywhere..front lines of spiritual warfare!! who goes there?  some will get gaffled like Bynum did Barea when he came in the paint.

Didn't take Waka Flocka Flame's advice; now baffled because they didn't show restraint!

"It ain't nothing nice" ....some are left flabbergasted!! inhaled the lead paint for all those years!

"It ain't nothing nice" ...some prayed and fasted like residents of Tripoli..but couldn't get over all those fears!

..A bruh had to think twice as he steers the mothership back towards earth!

Peace never lasted!! it's like the Israelis vs Palestinians...it has a bruh wondering whats it all worth?

Bear witness to the rebirth!! it's like progress made during the NFL lockout..your boy hit the reset button; I was knocked out of balance!

...Already out of sync with this to begin with!! as society shows malice.

Wolves at the front door of my palace!! damn...I heard them howling!

What did they front for? apparently opposing this style I bring!

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