Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Floating Like The Space Shuttle Endeavour

Its like the Clash of The Titans but haters didn't know they were dealing with a bruh that's a professional.

Rolling down I-20 in Atlanta in the hooptie listening to Dashboard Confessional!

Dashing through the universe like the Endeavour; moving at a High Velocity but with the speed you need!

Intergalactic with it....studied the Dark Mystery of Time and Space...also local and international with this thing..but rationing resources like oil is soon a high priority; true indeed!

Didn't beg borrow or plead for sympathy like Hosni Mubarak...or BB King; even though  I have a blue style!

Rolling down I-20 In Atlanta listening to Alice Coltrane Blue Nile!

This is not a new style; reflecting on when the crime boss chilled in Louisville at the illegal club; he had a Tina Turner type Private Dancer!

Now rocking a new style; dude wasn't a fast learner; went from a crime lieutenant to just a private; now looking for an answer!

Even Beyonce is a Tina Turner 2.0 without the Ike; like Digital Underground she'll do what she likes.

What will the response be? I'm still Po Pimpin like Do or Die ; even had to throw away my bootleg Nikes.

..Bootleg Air Force Ones that came apart; you get what you pay for!

Similar of course to the project crap game up in Louisville; what will they play for?

What will they pray for? might need to learn to Let It Be like the Beatles!

Senses of purpose? please!! sometimes reality will defeat those!

Don't let me catch you out in the street homie said!! the devil will oppose endeavors.

As we proceed and continue floating like Space Shuttle Endeavour!

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