Sunday, June 05, 2011

The Drama Escalates...Reason Gave Way To Madness

Overheard the episode...jokers were loud about it...I can see it's like The Golan Heights or Gaza Strip... the drama is still ongoing!

Whats the word? the drama justice and no peace  but a brotha keeps going for what he's knowing!

Flowing down the stream of consciousness..trying to avoid the crisis like it's Yemen..whats the word on the curb? some will have the story twisted!

Whose team is on down with the terrorist, communist  or socialist?  please!!  the streets were calling!! they knew my number even though its unlisted!

Drama is revisited; it's like the summer time family me and O-Deezy act brand new again...Summer Madness is in full effect for those  folk who wonder what it do!!

Whats the science? it isn't what would Jesus or God would do....more like what would Godzilla do?

Trying to keep it real with you!! saw some waiting on the truth to be told!

But didn't like how things went down; as we get down!! circled the block in the hooptie...please!! this world is cold!

As the drama unfurled; whose bold or just a fool when they try to holla atcha?

Rocks hurled like in the Middle East to say the least the process is natural!

Those that had a clue prayed to the east; but that process was rebuked by a hater!

What it do? others tried to pander to the least common denominator!

We tried to persuade them that their math was erroneous but the didn't want to listen!

O-Dizzle played the funk for them; check the path were on with this breakbeat science..following principles established by Thelonius Monk..but they didn't want to listen!

ATLiens say we got crunk on them...on fast breaks we might dunk on tires and rims glisten on the Pontiac Grand Prix as I dip down I-20 in Atlanta!

Might have to pop the drunk on them..we're trying to stay a step ahead of agents of Pontius Pilate  as they continue to hate!! please!! you know they don't understand a brotha!!!!

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