Friday, May 27, 2011

Peace On Earth and Good Will Towards Man?

Peace on earth and good will towards man; the message from the pontiff at the Vatican!

Spoken on this past Easter and other holidays; whats it all worth? times are hard on the boulevard!! its hard out here for a black man.

.....And a white man; brown man....yellow man...please... its rough all over!!

Sho you right man!! word from Barry White!!! as I listen to I mellow out man!! forgetting what Dr Phil told me to get over!

Heard the Ohio Players singing its all over!! told home girl to put that suitcase down!!! she's not leaving town; they wanted her around!

.....But she dipped;  now the Chi-Lites ask have you seen her? dude got played like a clown!

Meanwhile O-Zone enlightens the masses; O-Dog played the sound..check the podcast....its our response to all of this!

.......Check the steady bombardment; as we assault all of this!

Plus all of that!! pundits and so called experts like Rand Paul said it was all of that..but  somebodys lying!

That's word from Pops!! not Social Networks...then social engineering..we've seen how that works!! now somebodys crying!

....Might even be Drivin N Cryin!! rolling up I-65 on the way to Louisville.

No longer trying a little tenderness like Otis Redding; acting rude like Gaddafi..or some kind of they know the deal!

So whats the deal? a question I ask myself....check the post out at Blogster...knowing nothing is fair in love or war!

So whats the real? others question themselves....second guessing themselves..but for the course that's par!

Like Tiger Woods played below par back in the day until he started pimping..similar to when authorities tried to bar us from the premises.

Police questioned our thoughts or fashion  when they weren't eating donuts...who knows what's up? theres just a bunch of empty promises.

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