Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Questions Answer Themselves..

Questions answer themselves while I was racking my brains coming up with the wrong answers.

Others kept waiting during the disco inferno; but I noticed  they were choosing the wrong dancers!

Burn baby burn!! did Weiner learn?  meanwhile others kept hating; whats learned? during the scenario some find out where loyalty is! 

As the world turns; JP Morgan Chase CEO a whiner? elsewhere..whose out of sync.. not receiving residuals or royalties!

Out of sync? no residuals or royalties were forwarded; something about a ponzi scheme!

Word from Bernie Madoff!! I heard he made off with the funds; but there were snitches on his team!

As we flow down the stream of consciousness; fires were burning like out in Wallow Arizona so we have to love some from a distance!

Questions answered  themselves as we come with this; this symbolizes moving forward like Terrelle Pryor..showing persistence!

Others were looking for deliverance!! waiting on FedEx or UPS to roll up on them!

Brothas like us were cooking in souls kitchen;  now dropping this funk jazz and hip hop soul on them. 

Soon some get bombarded like Tripoli by NATO...but whatcha know?..snitches will roll on them and those!!  the remarks made were inflammatory.

Witches and warlocks caste their spells hoping a bruh fails; not showing up like Tiger Woods;  damned if I do or don't tell this story!

....Left the hostile territory; blasted off like the Endeavour as we study dark and anti matter!

Studied the dark mystery of time and space; somewhat similar to hadron collider scientists on the case; putting work in while others chit chatter!

Questions soon answer themselves..soon they scatter after the automatic weaponry is heard!

Actually it was O-Dogs samples, cuts, snares and the 808  plus O-Zones good word!

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