Sunday, May 15, 2011

The I-20 Chronicles PT.12

They asked me what's up money? told them I'm rolling down I-20 in Atlanta; got off at the Capitol Avenue exit.

....Headed towards the Five Points Marta Station; what's the situation? it's like Libya...noticed the natives are restless!

Walked by dude; he said repent and find Jesus!! but noticed that breath was kicking from drinking the previous night; he needed Scope Outlast! 

Noticed that here in the A-Town its rough on a brotha!! not everybody is fresh and clean like OutKast! 

Everybodys not winning like Charlie Sheen is supposedly doing!

Probably more like like losing; catching a beatdown like Charles what assignment are you choosing?

O-Zone is out in the galaxy cruising like Smokey Robinson or maybe the DeAngelo version! 

In this danger zone on earth its not just hood mafioso wannabes robbing and stealing; check out the corporate crooks from Wall Street to the Euro Zone; mad at a bruh because I wasn't merging!

Rolling down I-20 at a high velocity with the speed you need; emerging out of the smoke and mirrors.

Rolling up rolling out!! pulled back into the game; now were putting it down like this..dealing with the horror and terrors.

Whose fooled out there in the game? Los Zetas narco terrorists were sanctified!

Whose schooled out there in the game? said they were rolling like Big Bank Hank but somebody lied!

Whose ruled out in the game? but it wasn't a bonafied call made by the umpire!

Authority was defied!! some said they'd strike back against the empire.

Peeping game; saw what transpired; I see everything moving!

Rolling down I-20 at a high velocity; everything is everything; we keep grooving!;

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