Saturday, May 21, 2011

Safe Havens...Safe Harbors Get Raided!!

Safe haven and safe harbors get raided; Somali pirates found out about them!

The raven shouted nevermore on some Edgar Allen Poe stuff!!  but some have it on automatic pilot so they'll doubt him.

Baltimore Raven t-shirt is rocked down here in the ATL..home of the Falcons..but some kill the mockingbird after they heard him sing; even little homie thought it was all about him!! but Po Po had other thoughts.

Meanwhile your homie is just minding and tending in the lab; not like Harold Camping talking about the rapture; we're soon unleashing sonic assaults!

Beats will thump hard; check the steady bombardment of the enemy position!

Defeat for Donald Trump was imminent; he kept talking out the side of his neck like Cameo talked about!

Herman Cain taking his place? another spectrum some feel pain in this place..charges get trumped up for the wannabe mafioso making cameo appearances; in the hood they stalked about!

Casualties get white chalked out like it's NATO vs Qaddafi; others are on the injured reserve list!

Acting casually; "fuddy duddy" up in the hood; soon fates were altered by ecological ignorance!

Tried to holla at me!! but I wasn't buddy buddy with those spouting belligerence!

Had to tell them its astro turf on the other side of the fence over in mamby pamby land!

Dangerous like Area 51; whatcha on? this astronaut walked the rough turf of Mars and Pluto!

Whats up with it in the hood? check the scenario!! turf wars will make you go for what you know!

So whatcha know? every village has a song; that's word from Yusef Lateef.

There's no Love Theme From Spartacus; why dd they start with us? the village idiot aka court jester clowned like Uncle Fester based on whose belief?

We're in the heart of this from Charlotte to Louisville...and back down to the ATL..the village couldn't raise the child; it seems the molester went off!

Ill with it!! what's the deal with it? headed upstate; that's where they're soon sent off!

Ill with it....bent out of shape...theres no havens and safe harbors get raided...

 What's the deal...who ain't misbehaving? please!! just recognize how they played it...

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