Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Dropping BreakBeat Science....Hoping It'll Help...

The saga / struggle continues; I can even hear old girl talking about Lord Jesus Help!!

Arnold Schwarzenegger can even bear witness; meanwhile this chef in souls kitchen checked the menu; what was I into?  Lord Help Lord Help!! was my battle cry!!  plus I drop this breakbeat science hoping it'll help!

It's like NATO vs The Taliban....physical and spiritual health is threatened; is the hood trying to take me under?

Word from MC Eiht with Compton's Most Wanted!! as society continues to hate;  Al Roker said check the weather for the rain and thunder!

A foul joker said respect the reign were under!! another said whatever!! stated they're ready to bust loose like Chuck Brown. 

O-Dizzle was accused of being cunning and clever because of where he chooses to take the sound. 

The reign began with a drizzle but the machine will break down; just  like The PlayStation Network!  shade tree mechanics try to fix it!

The pain will get to ya after the machine shakes you down!! check this knowledge we drop as we kick it!

Acknowledging some will get tricky with it like Newt Gingrich; they tried to play a brotha another way!

....Some were using sticky fingers trying to steal my aura; playing me like I just got here the other day!

Didn't know I was playing this another way!! this is not stereotypical, its not the norm!

They were trying to be slick!! rain thunder plus high winds blow but they tell me I'm not in a storm!

Somebodys lying!!! its sick, but as winds of change blow its like hitting the reset button; everything is refreshed!

Funk is dropped and knowledge is kicked; these brothas are funky fresh in the flesh!

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