Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Staring Into The Eye Of The Tiger....

Staring into the eye of the tiger; it was representing the enemy!

Truth or daring taking place; some get exposed like Rep. Anthony Weiner....but  please!!  representing is done by this entity!

Proof that were sharing with humanity?  The Sonic Assault or Random Thoughts; letting the masses know whats really going on!

Plus lessons were taught by reality; it was like chilling over in Tripoli...classes were conducted in the danger zone.

That's what were on!! you can say were on one like DJ Khaled..but only human; like The Human League; some things were misinterpreted.

So now whats up? like the NFL lockout.. the players vs the this point and time all we can do is work with it!

Some will get hurt fooling around with it!! especially when steelos get sweated!

Whose schooling them? some mentioned quitting like was like somebody hit the rewind button when history repeated!

Whose fooling them? it was no mystery when the entity defeated themselves!

Some followed his story; soon they were geeked...thought they could go on with their bad selves!

Whose bad like Michael Jackson? all up in the action...soon on shelves in the Coroners office; waiting on the autopsy to be performed!

All up in the action!! the planets were in alignment ...they said things were perfect when it stormed!

Others took things for granted;  now can't work with it..the fire is fully involved...some said they're alarmed by the outcome.

Officials say they weren't harmed!! so there's no foul..referees didn't blow the whistle..told the players to play on!

Play on players!! keep it pimping!! that's what they told me down here in the ATL.

Instead this brotha said prayers; chefs in hells kitchen have the recipe for hating on Obama..they want to see us fail!

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