Friday, June 03, 2011

Finding A Portal To Slide Through PT.3

Summer madness is here...even though its official on June 22...what's a few days?  things were opening up; a brotha found a portal to slide through!

Its opening up; I'm on a horse with no name; its good to be out of the "reign" ..but it's the Babylon desert I ride through!

Whose eating good? please!! the Dow Jones Average dropped because of the rise in unemployment; but the dessert they hide from you since you said your phat and all that!

....Out in the street;  the corporate corridors; anywhere you'll ball at!

...Out in the heat; cooked good? chefs in hells kitchen were on it!

Don't let me catch you out in these streets was the word from shawty down here in Decatur Georgia; he was on it!

Where did you catch me? I dipped down I-20 listening to Trombone Shorty...riding in the hooptie!

Whats up money? G-Money asked over on Candler Rd in Decatur..said he had Cd's and DVDs; knowing where the truth will be!

G-20 was acting funny with the money...didn't let the dollar circulate  per 9th Wonder & J Dilla; dude said the truth will be told after his boys got unruly!

Some will act like they have sense after being smacked upside the head with the toolie!

Its like oops upside the head  like The Gap Band; I don't believe some wanna get up and dance!

Even guns will smoke....needing to call Marshall Dillon from Gunsmoke?  RIP James stranded in the sands of Kuwait or Iraq; maybe the mountains of Afghanistan; a victim of circumstances!

Part of the ongoing summer madness? some show hate; said I hurt my chances because I didn't cooperate!

But I found a portal to slide through...its easy to get locked down due to bad breaks, setbacks and roadblocks; plus shady politicians try to legislate!

As we come through to get it straight; some said were wasting out time!

Similar to negro college fund commercials; they talked about wasting your mind!

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