Sunday, June 12, 2011

You Don't Know? You'd Better Find It!!!

This is no hybrid like a Toyota Prius!! this vehicle is not energy efficient!

...But not super cool with it; Life Is lie about this!!  like I'm up in a Caddie Escalade or up in the Lincoln Navigator!! pulling an escapade?...I wasn't with it!

Due to policies of a hater like the International Monetary Fund I'm rolling with a deficit but I'm still blessed and highly favored!

...That slogan was spotted on the old girls licence plate on front of the Caddie Sedan Deville over in Decatur Georgia; she knew the Cheryl Lynn she said you got to be real!! the knowledge was savored!

How will I behave with it? colors...flavors;  plus the fragments of other elements of the universe like Earth Wind and Fire are put in the melting pot.

...similar to the Hadron Collider..your homie is a rider..fragments and elements get it the God Particle?  the message? we send it...some felt it; they said its hot!

It was felt all up in the spot; but I'm not trying to start with ya!! you know there would be naysayers!

Throwing salt into the game; then when things go sideways they wanna say prayers!

Whose caught up in the game  or caught out there?  shot like Fazul Abdullah Mohammad  in Somalia  due to the social engineering?

At the end of the day they'll respect this architect with this breakbeat science aka mechanical engineering!

Loathing and fearing make me keep my guard up; you can get set up or play yourself like Rep. Weiner;  I'm cool but I don't know about these other folk!

Were approaching Armageddon; but some are laughing like its a joke!

Check this math we bring as we go for broke with this breakbeat science!

Gitmo torture chambers featuring the water boarding will break some minds!

Get low!! word from Lil John and The Ying Yang Twins; once the ATL's finest!

So whats really going on? old girl said you ain't knowing you better find it!!

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