Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Playing Baseball

Took the first pitch it was over the plate; strike one! ..swinging at the second pitch and missed; strike two!

What it do? there will be no strike three; please believe me!! I'll play it like Maury Wills..I'm getting on base even if I have to bunt.

Ooohh I like it was heard from Switch or Debarge; who'll end up in a ditch? once large and in charge during the hunt!

A snitch pulled a stunt like it was Hollywood; some might resign like Jim Tressel; the situation is making it hard on all of us!

A switch was hit; button pressed....now the hottest in the hood called on us!

Plus the streets called us; numbers are unlisted but they reached us on the hotline!

Things heat up like Miami; I did the numbers...the consensus was I'm a hot mess with mine!

Listening to Quincy Jones Body Heat; bitter taken with the sweet...the defense? I press with mine like UNLV, Arkansas, or Georgetown from back in the day!

Astro turf on the other side of the fence? that's the deally!! I saw some rolling like Curious George; were they back in the way?

The circumstance; whose keeping track of how they play? please..you can't be a ease.. we almost lost Detroit per Gil Scott Heron!

The circumstance? old school street scholars were still in the game; flipping weed, coke and heroin!

What's the deal? a bruh mentioned earlier; we didn't need another hero or heroine per Tina Turner!

Whats the deal? attention paid to the details where the devil was? some spirits will feel the buzz..or was homie a slow learner?

What's the deal? the drama escalated to another level even Hamid Karzai turned on the burner; spitting fire was the by product!

What's the deal? dealing with another devil? the umpires weren't doing their job..NATO or the UN didn't enforce the rules of conduct!!

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