Thursday, May 26, 2011

What's The Deal? The Sonic Assault Edition.

Whats the deal? homie said we played it like Minnie Riperton....we were taking adventures in paradise!

Please? you'll get run over like Buster Posey..the devil is opposed to you and me...some are suffering due to misadventures by parasites!

Whats up with them?  "they ain't right" was what White Mike from Kentucky said.

He was a redneck and thug!! home girl called him a rug; I heard what she said!

Bloodshed from the sticks aka AK-47s was prominent!! from over in Islamabad to Louisville / Newburg!

Whose misled? soon gaffled like Gen. Ratko Mladic over in Serbia; didn't know the deally from Johannesburg to Charlotte / Mecklenburg!

...From the heart of it; who will work with ya?  reaching settlements like Eddie Long; who will merge with positive or negative forces?

Who started it but didn't finish it? incomplete was the grade in courses!

No reality divorces were granted by Judge Judy or Judge Joe Brown!

But reality checks paid for full course meals while haters like the House discuss shady deals that are about to go down!

Whats the deally? O-Dizzle was about to throw down; some said they would help by doing us a favor!

But they were actually hindering because they didn't know the flavor!

So these days? minding and tending is the behavior that's exhibited!

Winds of change were full of debris like a hurricane or tornado; storm chasers in Joplin get the gist of it.

Joint casers presented a list of demands rolling like the Heritage Foundation; plans formulated by a right wing think tank!

Those anointed used erasers; then hit alt shift delete; but like the Titanic the ship sank!

Once running things like Arthur Blank and the Atlanta Falcons but fell off!

Running from po po? who let the dogs out? who'll call the dogs off?

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