Thursday, June 02, 2011

What's The Knowledge For Today? Everything Was Messed Up...

Whats the knowledge for today? everybody was Moody due to the economy..everything is messed up!

Whose foul with it? a flagrant agent on First 48 or Wikileaks;  they fessed up!

Others are stressed up in this piece!! the job market is bad..retail sales low..they've got us coming and going!

But brothas are gonna work it out; word from Willie Hutch!! were going for what were knowing!'s not time to retire like Shaq...we're still flowing down the stream of consciousness; game was peeped!

Its like Tom Cruise knowing that Missions are Impossible ; but we're on top of this; spotted secret squirrels aka haters as they creeped!

Others reaped what they sowed; meanwhile our secret garden had a bumper crop!

Bear witness to the harvest;  this good word plus O-Dogs beats will bump; dropping funk, house, jazz and hip hop!

We didn't stop!! we kept rolling until the break of dawn; Breaking Dawn?  even though roadblocks and obstacles were set up by the apparatus!

The street code is followed; O-Dizzle rocks!! plus O-Zone was wise to the set up; now check the status!

The reign started with a drizzle; whose drunk off of the power..might have a Hangover 2!!  naysayers tried to holla at us..but these X-Men have First they're message was ignored!

Now whats up? were still out here on the frontlines  like we're in Yemen; but sonic troops are deployed!

Whose trying to front on mine? O-Dizzle wasn't devoid of funk like the Parliament mentioned!

Maneuvers were void where prohibited by law; who started it? soon it's like Syria..rights and privileges were under suspension!

But contracts were voided; we see everything is messed we proceed and continue!

Evil ones were avoided; they were down with chefs in hells kitchen with the ill menu!

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