Wednesday, June 01, 2011

The Knowledge For The Day? Find A Portal To Slide Through..

Whats the knowledge for today? if your kitchen isn't clean don't talk about anybody elses!

My advice? find a portal to slide through;  like us....good mileage when rolling on the Mothership; old girl said go on with your bad selves!

We were rolling like the Endeavour now back on terra firma; what's the word from a bruh? we studied the Dark Mystery of Time and Space...what's the knowledge for the day? noticed the masses were malnourished due to meals prepared by chefs in hells kitchen!

Spanish cucumbers?  what will some succumb to? seminars and classes are conducted; now we refurbish the infrastructure...they were trying to corrupt ya!! that's how were living!

A corrupt one like Ratko Mladic thought we were forgiving and forgetting; but it doesn't work like that!

Whats up with this one? O-Dog will rock it!!  a peace envoy...but in some circles trust was broken; its like that!

Please!! I spotted the convoy trying to roll up like wagons that circled in the wild wild west!

Haters plotted and schemed; didn't know we were highly favored and blessed!

The schematics are wrong; its blessed and highly favored...I have it backwards!

The fanatics stressed!! even the stock market will drop..some said you don't quit and don't stop!! if its not about a euro or dollar? folk were hustling backwards!

In the hood? strong strong arm muscling is how that works!!  capers were pulled up in the Olds Delta 88.

Out in Decatur Georgia; other ride through in muscle cars; rolling in Chevy Impalas, Cut Dogs, and Buick Regals; avoiding the Dekalb County legal don't hate!

......Find a portal to slide through..don't be late!! but that's par for the course; for some? a day late and a dollar short!

......In citizens in Libya...what's up with ya?  caught out there in the gray area coming up short in the sport!

Whatcha know?  find a portal to slide through....noticed a bimbo or nerd will seek revenge; rolling with the geek squad!

Whatcha been through?  find a portal to slide through..but  for some the outlook is bleak; but that's not odd!!

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