Saturday, July 16, 2011

Caught Out There In The Inclement Weather....

Clouds of suspicion fill the sky; know  Al Roker told us about the weather!

Crowds gather; like we're over in Cairo Egypt....what's up with it?  rights suspensions was mentioned; but a foul joker said whatever!

Rowdy when we do the math for ya? summed up the's a dark mysterious world we're slipping through..a brotha was accused of being gone!

Like I was on that ganga weed; word from Jah Roots...the system? how was I living...O-Zone sliding through the portal like Rupert Murdoch like I was on one!

Word from  DJ Khaled, Drake, Rick Ross and Lil Wayne and them with the murder rock!..whose caught out there in the inclement weather? peoples can't find'll rain on whose dealing with the Jangaweed  in Darfur...or even Somali pirates on that khat ready to pull a caper?

...Whatcha come up in here for?....please!! out in the ATL listening to Gangsta Grillz over on MLK; or even on Wall Street. in NYC..they say its all about that paper!

What can I tell ya? we didnt play around with them!! a shape shifter is dealt with!

Coping strategies will fail ya;  hope you have a plan b, c or even what's the deally? I mean the mathematics...escapes will fit ya profile so maybe you can feel it!

Truth be told..being real with it? this brotha even had to dip....Plutonian Intergalactic journeys were a brotha has the I-20 I will dip down I-85 and I-75...

Truth be told? now were back down on earth...on the ATL Lakeside it's all the way live..

Truth be told? now were back....dealing with it..check this next level Sonic Assault...summed up the consequences...dealing with the circumstances...some were debatable....

Truth be told? I doubt it out here in the Smoke and Mirrors Show..whatcha know? it's obvious...just like they front on Obama during the debt ceiling talks society will still hate a bro...

But we go for what we know..during the inclement weather...breakbeat science will continue to be dropped..

But we go for what we know...proceed and continue...we never quit...never stopped...

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