Friday, June 24, 2011

Finding A Portal To Slide Through PT.4

What's the knowledge for today?  find a portal to slide through..a window of opportunity!

In the sport? check the NBA draft  or check the score; whose blessed and highly favored with diplomatic immunity?

O-Zone has the math...O-Dizzle is a veteran in the sport..the tracks are funk flavored; your homie dipped back to the community after the caper!

Stressed by the apparatus..fronted on like Obama.... said I was hustling backwards because I wasn't after the paper!

Hustles get knocked  like Osama Bin Laden's although he had help in Pakistan...what's up with the paper chase man? we all soon realized chasing money is like chasing the wind!

O-Dizzle rocked the podcast...on enemy positions he'll blast..bringing jazz, funk, and hip hop; he wasn't erasing the blend!

Messages I send in the songs; playing it like Peter Falk / Columbo.....investigating; exposing society's wrongs..then send smoke signals like Native Americans!

Over here in the Dec aka Decatur Georgia avoiding Columbo...outside on my deck grilling, smoking; mockingbirds singing because I'm grilling chicken? heard them say those damn Americans!

Detectives knocking hustles; grilling suspects that were soon snitching..bearing witness to nothing being fair again!

....In love or war;  but we continue and downs? like Gladys Knight and the Pips and them we've had our share of them!

The apparatus is truth or daring them;  whose in debt to them  like the Euro Zone? what were others on/? now some are geeked!! they went on with their bad selves!

Undisputed Truth told us about Smiling Faces; whose coming up short in dollar chases?  we even got mad at ourselves!

....But our shelves were stocked with vinyl, cassettes and compact discs; full of jazz, funk and hip hop!

O-Dizzle comes equipped!!  we won't quit and won't stop!

O-Zone was able to solve the riddle; I recognized the pattern....I was able to see what it do!

In danger zones? we proceed and continue..we found a portal to slide through!

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