Saturday, June 25, 2011

I Heard All The Excuses....

Heard what was said....just chilling drinking a cup of Folgers coffee...heard all the excuses; the rah rah rah!!  and blah blah blah!!

They ask me if had any excuse for my behavior?  they asked me was I cutting up like Whitey Bulger?  I told them nah..nah nah nah!

...Hey Hey  Hey Goodbye!!  or excuse me while I kiss the sky like Jimi Hendrix on some Purple Haze type hype..don't believe the hype PE why try to bring the negativity my way?  I told them I wasn't down with that!

Admitting I was out there in the gray area with others...check the scenario; it was  flooded like Minot North Dakota;  found with that or those that were detrimental; but check the O-Dog instrumental..see where the sound is at!

Or is..square biz like Teena Marie; that's the deally!! handling business before it handles me!

As we go whats the deally?  like football stars in Libya..those supposedly down tried to abandon me!

Beats and rhymes were selected randomly;  check us out as we unleash the Sonic Assault.

Streets were calling!! they knew my number even though its unlisted; now we respond to the hell that's caught!

I can tell bogus merchandise was bought; please proceed to the service desk!

Secret squirrels tried to work this and that;  I heard the excuses...they said they're at your service with this?

....Or maybe that; they found  hidden pleasures were provided at secret gardens!

Somali pirates  found hidden treasures; then I heard excuses aka out in Hague crooks receive pardons!

What will the style be? it looked like Billy Ray Cyrus rocked mullets; similar to old episodes of Cops on TV;  meanwhile vague excuses were given by crooks; why were they even starting the drama?

Miley Cyrus or Lindsay Lohan starlets haggled with the paparazzi....what were the excuses? please!! they were told to get accustomed to this..the drama will be going down  from Hollywood to Atlanta!

Whatcha know man? heard all the excuses...I'll be damned if you do or don't.....

Whatcha know man? heard all the excuses..breakbeat science is's going down like Summer Madness for 2011 is...who said it won't?

Whatcha know man?  what were the a bruh goes for what he knows!! he uses the good word and the brand new the ATL getting crunk? I don't know...but I see how some will play...they try to sweat a brothas technique!

 What did they have to say? that was word from Eric B and Rakim...O-Dizzle is rocking them...the style is like AZ;  rather unique!

What did some have to say? heard excuses...the outlook was bleak..but light is spotted in the darkness...

Some will get paroled like Kwame Kilpatrick...but who will come back with more drama...I heard the excuses...

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