Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Still Handling Business Before It Handles Us

Here we go again!! like the US prosecutors vs Strauss-Kahn?  handling business before it handles us!

We overpaid dues; in fact were owed a rebate; like the GOP vs Obama some still hate!! they tried to put a handle on us! ...

Black and Blues by Bobbi Humphrey  plays in the background as I type this; it had a brotha zoning!

Blacks and blues go hand in hand!!  I can even here the old blues cats bitching and moaning!

Slackers were groaning!! they didn't want to put work in!

Jackers were groaning after swinging the blackjack or toolie upside somebodys head; so whose hurting?

Snitches were blurting out the answer; whose waiting on it?

....Out there in the dark;  the mothership? we park on earth..dropping science; but whose hating on it?

....A brotha gets scientific!!! based on walking in space per Quincy Jones.

Plutonian Intergalactic journeys were taken...even chilled with the Space Lady per Lonnie Listen Smith but she was down with the clones!

War told me the worlds a ghetto!! danger zones were in the City Country City money!

Donny Hathaway's Ghetto also played; next up was Valdez In the Country!

Whats up with me? from the get go I could see these folks wont let a brotha get any rest!

Whats up with me? knew no weapons formed against me would work because I'm highly favored; blessed!

So your homie handles this business before it handles me...as we proceed and continue..

What it do? breakbeat science will continue to be dropped...brand new funk and the good word is on the menu..

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