Thursday, June 30, 2011

It's All Natural..The Confirmation..

Its all natural...winds of change blowing...but it didn't stop birds from chirping!

Its all natural.....times are hard on the boulevard...the avenue; but I still heard jokers talking about champagne burping!

Still heard Nextel chirping; plus crooks were Facebooking, Google + and Twittering!

They abandoned My Space... but authorities are on their case....soon interrogating them like the CIA.....a new rendition...jokers were leaving an audit trail for the Feds; now facing central booking..not a sweet but a bitter thing!

Whats up with it? didn't quit on this thing!! things got hectic though...but the spring breeze blowing through had a message!

Or was it a Summer Breeze like the Isleys;  90 degrees in Hotlanta when I wrote this; catch the message!

....Its usually in the songs...using the piano, drum  and the the good word; or whatever its like this and like that!

Societies wrongs take a toll on my brethren; even the NBA is getting funny  with the money..somebody will have to fight that!

Spotted the fuse; somebody will have to light that..whose waiting in the dark? what's the deal? check out the ongoing summer madness!

O-Dizzle will fuse jazz, funk, hip hop and rock; rocking the spot where reason gave way to madness!

But were dealing with the madness!! check these meals we serve..they have natural ingredients!

Elements of the universe like Earth Wind and Fire used to holla at those trying to impede this!

As we play we write we read this...its all fundamental!

Check the steady bombardment of the enemy position with the funky instrumental!

The dysfunctional families policies were detrimental to the masses!

Couldn't tell us how the funk should go!! as we conduct seminars and classes!!

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