Sunday, July 17, 2011

Caught Out There In The Inclement Weather PT.2

Caught out in the inclement weather...injured..might get arrested like Murdoch's were played....but let the healing process begin as we take affirmative action!

.....Not the kind with corporate implications; opposition was met from that faction!

Plus we weren't back in love again like Jeffrey Osborne and LTD!

Plus we weren't rolling back in time in deuce and a quarters and the Ford LTD!

Well.....actually some of that spirit or vibe is present; but were really futuristic!

Thought and fashion police will try to issue demerits to those that fool with this hip hop mystic!

Not mystical or magical like a young Harry Potter.....please!! hell is caught!! spotted a fool..told them  life is hectic but they ignored the warning!

Chilling with TD Jakes at the Potters House in spirit while I wrote this....others fell for what is taught by a fanatic; believed when told it wasn't storming!

Now in the inclement weather...didn't listen to Al Roker; what did the storm bring?

Of course I heard whatever from a foul joker rolling with the Republicans during the debt ceiling talks..their heart its not a warm thing!

.....Not affected by global warning;  still in the Ice Age feeling the rage!

Had to admit I resided in that hood...knowing life is hectic..Carmageddon wasn't just on 405 in was on I-285 in Dekalb County Georgia...but a bruh keeps it moving; I had to turn the page!

As we approach Armageddon.......learned the rules of engagement due to Hague and Geneva Conventions! 

Learned that fools flunked the critical stage of development!! methods of war or wisdom didn't follow normal procedures or conventions!

Good word and funk is dropped when we get with ya!!  these inventions are from the next level! 

You heard about ATLiens getting crunk;  on the fast break we dunk over the next devil!

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