Monday, July 11, 2011

The I-20 Chronicles PT. 14......Lord Help Us All!!

The I-20 Chronicles continue....peeped game from the ATL to Birmingham..Lord Help Lord Help was the Battle Cry! Lord Help us all!

The Ham was a wreck...hit up by tornadoes..Rihanna is in town with a benefit will it work? how will we play these or those? we can't depend on humans from the Human League; they're only human; they'll help us fall!

Damn!! we're only looking for help from y'all!! we're one big family...but if I do or don't somebody will damn know me and my peoples were getting thrown under the bus!

Damn!! It can be MARTA or the short one!! so what's up y'all? please!! your homie dipped to Memphis...the trip? a short one..bearing witness to what my folk were going through..knowing what it do...the cliche? no peace no justice!

Damn!! what's up y'all? actually no justice no peace in the sport; now you know that's word from MLK on the balcony at the Lorraine Motel....we're all dealing with COINTELPRO...

 Damn!! what's up y'all? actually no justice no peace in the sport; ain't hard to ain't hard to the sport? its easy to come undone! act like you know!!

So whatcha know? It doesn't matter if your a rookie or a veteran!

So whatcha know? during the debt ceiling talks Obama is trying show he's a better man..

Its easy to catch one from somebody that's on one; that's why I try to fly below the radar!

If the product is fresh...we'll batch we might catch vehicles don't make noise like the helicopters that rolled up on Bin Laden;even though I'm not in Tracy Chapman's fast car!

....the one she talked about;  in the ATL? wannabes stalked about!! said its like this and like that!

...All up in the game like Ohio State or Southern California; they'll have to forfeit that!

Knowing how the sport will get its about the paper word from Terrelle Pryor and Reggie Bush.

It can work another way in the hood; from the ATL to Louisville..capers are pulled; now players chilling like Rupert Murdoch..they sit back drinking cognac and smoking dry kush!

Please!! I heard jokers said they would rock..but I didn't rush; questions answered I found a portal to slide through! 

Dipped down I-40;  just left Memphis....soon dipping up I-65 to Louisville...Muhammad Ali?..Broadway? you just might see me ride through!

Who slipped into darkness like the group War...said after they were lied to by so called powers that be?

Who dipped after I parked this mothership on earth? I dropped science!! told them when the last hours would be!!

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