Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Safe Havens and Safe Harbors Are Invaded!!

Safe harbors and safe havens are invaded...raided; it's like bombings still going down in Iraq..spots get rushed!

Hatred? one harbors!! whose asking for a vote of confidence  like the Greek Prime Minister?  misbehaving because their hopes and dreams were crushed!

The drama queen was like Ashlee Simpson; might have blushed after complements were made; she said flattery will get you everywhere!

Observing the scene for the next episode; after the drama king was rolling like Mitt Romney.. if he decides to take it there!

What's the deal? safe havens and safe harbors were invaded..now were on the frontlines of spiritual warfare; the rockets red glare and bombs burst in the air!

From the Halls of Montezuma to the shores of Tripoli; whats the deally? in love or war nothing is fair!

Royalty falls; whose acting brand new with ya..tripping on ya? might even truth or dare you!

Any loyalty shown? please!!! after the drama whose left out there needing a portal to slide through!

Where will your boy be? I'll ride through the ATL or Louisville or maybe Charlotte or Nashville!

Where will a toy be..they weren't bill to last..part of the pollution problem...ecological ignorance will alter the fate...soon out on Moreland Ave...in the trash..the landfill...

Phat homes built nearby in Ellenwood...catching the vapors; where will the void be? out there in the gray area ...now that's real talk for somebody whose paying attention!

Couldn't fill the void...too broke to pay attention?  please!! reality checks are used in this dimension!

You wouldn't be bruised or battered in this dimension? somebody lied!

Pain and suffering goes down in this and that dimension; even if winning like Serena Williams..and even if gravity is defied!

Some said they were flying high like Steve Millers Eagle; or maybe took R Kelly's advice!

Please!!! aircraft is shot down by surface to air missiles; what can I tell ya? it ain't nothing nice!!

So whose gonna pay the price when safe havens and harbors get raided or invaded.?

Questions answer themselves...go on with your bad self...but on the scan sheet answers are shaded...

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