Thursday, June 23, 2011

Safe Havens and Safe Harbors Are Invaded PT.3

Safe havens and safe harbors are disturbed; invaded by Navy Seals like Bin Laden's spot? know peace wouldn't be still!

Baltimore Raven Ray Lewis type linebackers barge in; appetites not curbed..they wouldn't chill!

Plus gamblers were out for a fast buck; they wouldn't deal the cards right!

Ramblers off at the mouth were Wikileaking; GPS told to turn left; they made a hard right!

Damn this is a hard fight!! a rumble in the jungle...a championship bout!

Damn this is a hard fight!! even the so called champion was full of doubt!

The situation is critical...all day every day...24-7.. its hard day and night; meanwhile pundits damned one  if they did or didn't!

It was a Hard Day's Night like The Beatles said..but the Stairways to Heaven was climbed like the O-Jays saying its all love; now some were smitten!

Stairways to Heaven like Led Zeppelin ? please!! some can't get in where they fit in...please!! they're through dealing...somebody said those bunch of jokers were out of sync!

Chefs in hells kitchen had the recipe for disaster; smelled what they were did it what's the were on the brink! 

What's the deal with them? during the invasion of safe havens and safe harbors who stared into the eye of the tiger and didn't blink? what did you think? please!! check it out... it was the Face Off like John Travolta and Nicholas Cage! 

Who truth or dared the freedom fighter but wasn't feeling the same rage?

My mind was engaged; soon married to the game but it never enraged an average earthling!

My kind raged against the machine; it was a Planetary Invasion like Midnight Star...we're gonna rock the world...funk is dropped....bear witness to what the dirty work will bring!

We fight back against the collar style; old blue khaki uniform with our name on it; Hard Hat With The Lantern On Top..with some steal toe boots!

For a dollar some will get foul; pressing the button..turning the dial...disturbing the peace with ongoing disputes!

Its makes you wanna holla like a foul one loots the treasury..not curbing their appetite!

That's what happens when spots get hit up..some will show hate...old dude fumbled to get to the 38...said he would settle the debate...its like this and like that? yes..sho you right!

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