Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Safe Havens and Safe Harbors Are Invaded PT.2

Safe havens and safe harbors were invaded like homes where controlled substances are sold!

Hit up..Baltimore Raven style!! word from Ray Lewis and them..truth be told!

Y'all wanted more? you got it!! I had my mind made up you can get it get it!

Word from Instant Funk!!  O-Deezy cooked up some instant funk; now he's ready to come with it!

He brought the drum with it.. also the piano;  played it in the dark like Brenda Russell. 

O-Zone was hearing footsteps in the dark like Isleys; it didn't surprise me!! somebodys always trying to knock the hustle!

From strong arm muscling to socio-economic methods!

Strong arm John Foy called to help as Dekalb County authorities catch wreck with it!

The race? neck to neck in it...reckless abandon the witch hazel or rubbing alcohol needed? others drunk or weeded..part of the the method for launching the smash and grab!

The case? all up in the spot..your neck of the woods with it. word from Al is hectic...but the beat broker O-Dizzle gets busy in  the lab...

Atlanta's finest look in the mirror listening to Sister Hazel...trying to see where your mind is; the knowledge needs to be done!

Reality will strand a brotha out there!! it'll amaze ya like Luther..reality checks didn't bounce!! the mothership is rolling; I get good mileage on one!

Society disrespects; invading safe havens and harbors..trying to start with ya..but theres more bounce to the ounce like Roger and Zapp; plus a brotha gets scientific not the one to be caught slipping!

LA Dodger hat rocked down here in the ATL by a Louisville brotha; knowing the deal..a hater was caught dipping.

Plans for the invasion of safe havens and harbors are exposed; no justice or peace for a brotha! 

Beats and rhymes are composed; these brothas are on some other other!

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