Monday, June 27, 2011

Life Is Hectic..The Saga / Struggle Continues...

Intergalactic journeys were taken...they were of a Plutonian back on earth...the saga / struggle continues; please!!  life is hectic! 

The drama jumps off!! menus were supplied by chefs from hells kitchen; energy is kinetic!

Coping strategies fail an entity...caught out there like Rod Blagojevich; whose kin to the fanatic chilling at the family reunion?

Wishing and hoping when we come back with these?  who will understand these? whose united like the European Union?

Pounds, francs, euros and dollars collected by the deacons before communion!! was it part of a ponzi scheme?

Banks get bailed out while Lloyd Banks wannabes sell out for a Beamer, Benz or Bentley others will plot scheme!

The O-Dog funk stanks!! while O-Zone sailed out in the stream of consciousness!

In the ATL whose getting over by getting crunk? rolling like Whitey Bulger..but we weren't done with this!

To the border we run with this; bulge in the Sean John blue jean jacket..but not caught up in the racket..but we are out there!! no boundaries are recognized!

Its all out of order!! the structure is falling apart like the Los Angeles Dodgers.. wheres the duct tape so the situation can be rectified?

The train wreck occurred like the one in Nevada..similar to dudes endeavors...somebody lied!! said they were an innovator!

Now the pain is felt; life is know imperfections will be accented by a hater!

The reign was heavy...horror and terror like Dr. began with a drizzle; then the Lincoln Navigator flipped over on the slick streets!

The weird science from the weird entity lacked compatibility; now dude said don't let me catch you out in these streets!

From the streets of the ATL to Louisville from Islamabad to Tripoli; life is hectic!

As we put it down like this...we tell ya about it; the system is like the metric!!

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