Sunday, July 03, 2011

Still Doing The Knowledge

Still doing the knowledge; noticed that they had us coming and going!

Some tip toe through the tulips like Tiny Tim; what are they knowing?

 Were flowing down the stream of consciousness one step ahead of a storm trooper.

....Or it could be a jacker talking about they were a show and prover!

Shakers and movers meet their Waterloo like Napoleons the flea market or swap meet Nike Air Force Ones come apart!

Whatcha knowing? act like you knew!! may the force be with them you have a heart!

Knowing what it do; told some don't even start it...goes down like clockwork! .

Knowing what it do; sometimes the moves made are awkward!

How did it work?  all up in the spot there were used condoms,crack pipes and hypodermic needles!

How did it work? empty beer cans; Newport cartons dude; said
Let It Be like The Beatles!

Whose new to the sport? alt shift delete those was heard from so called powers that be!

Now they have you in court; correctional facilities or in mortuaries; where will your last hours be?

From the suburbs to city blocks; from Palestinian and Israeli settlements; to the mountains of Afghanistan the last hours will be calculated!

From the herbs and busters to the jet set go getters !!whats up man? they'll all get played after the foul hated!

 Everybody plays the fool sometimes word from
Cuba Gooding Sr and the Main Ingredient!

Act like you knew!!  its not a good thing when progress is impeded!

But a bruh seeded secret gardens soon bearing witness to the harvest..

Still doing the knowledge,,,damn!! wht were they trying to start this?

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