Monday, July 25, 2011

Finding A Portal To SlideThrough PT.5

We found a portal to slide through; so now we proceed and continue!

Check out how the sport will what it do?  the good word and brand new funk are on the menu!

Had to abort other missions due to matrix glitches..some acted fake...just snitches;..meanwhile power outages occurred on the east coast due to the heat wave; I told some I'll see you when I see you..holla back on the next episode! 

Check out how the sport will go!!  from this veteran now coaching but still following the street code!

The Train Of Thought is rolling..but its in a discrete mode...truth be told it's  like a secret squirrel that found a secret garden!

Knowing how it'll go because safe havens and safe harbors were attacked..but we attacked back...slapping haters upside the head with the sonic per Tyga and Chris Brown we brought the snapback back..please!! ..there was no chilling like nights in White Satin per the Moody Blues..secret squirrels found my secret garden!
Otherwise its no secret!! even though Greece was bailed out Moody lowered their debt rating.. please!! no pardons will be granted by these Babylonians!

Act like you knew me!! the wise and otherwise will be surprised by this brand new funk;  influenced by when I was chilling with Plutonians!

Plutonium and uranium processes were interrupted by Stuxnet what's up with that? so what it do?

It's on again...whose winning or losing? needing a portal to slide through....

Should know what the sport will the NFL lockout over? maybe they can straighten out the debt ceiling..

Meanwhile we continue to do what we do...we blasted through the glass ceiling..we weren't through dealing...

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