Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Marinating...Laying In The Cut PT.2

Check it out....like another part of the conglomerate...Random Thoughts were collected..so I started another one while my mind is at ease; marinating!

Check it out...Kordele Stewart can tell you about Georgia...in the heart of one..a hostile territory; where some are still hating!

Check it out...act like you knew it..others are still skating on thin ice affected by global warming!

Reality checks are issued by the paymaster; he even hired the Gang of Six..meanwhile others are like Richard Nixon playing Dirty Tricks..now like Rupert Murdoch they're humbled..egos are deflating; meanwhile I span the globe brainstorming!

I get down on it like Kool and The Gang..I came through with the disco strobe light style to give my folk a warning; but whose checking for me?

As I get down they say I'm a hot mess with this!! just call me the hot messenger; trying to get away ...somebody trying to shoot me!! whose wrecking the vehicle for me?

So whats the deally? Plutonian Intergalactic journeys were taken; rolling like the  Space Shuttle Atlantis..secret gardens were planted in the galaxy!

Its on again!! fanatics were just secret squirrels aka storm troopers; they tried to roll up...or post up like Dekalb County Georgia Police on I-85 ready to write tickets...was it because I exposed the fallacy?

What will the style be? intergalactic funk is dropped on them; plus O-Zone knew what the scoop was; from Pluto to Saturn!

What will the style be? these days laying in the cut....marinating..but handling business from Johannesburg to Louisville /Newburg.....we holla at them.

Handling business before it handles us....from Atlanta where Kasim Reed is running things on up to Newark; ran by Cory Booker.

Demon seed or angel blessing? demons and angels wrestling!!  authorities will throw the book at ya!

Haters try to sweat the technique.like Eric B and Rakim....they ask me what took ya so long? I told them I was minding and tending....

God's will is done on earth and in heaven...meanwhile I'm laying in the cut...marinating..

But knowing society is still hating..just check out the opposition Obama met during the debt ceiling talks...

...or how they're hating on Lebron...what are these folks on? as a hater stalks...

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