Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Marinating...Laying In The Cut PT.3

A bruh is marinating..chilling outside; getting fresh air..breathing God's breath!

July when I wrote this; soaking up Cancer sun rays ; not the harmful kind that leads to death!

Stevie Wonder's Hotter Than July comes to mind; as were Doing It To Death like Fred Wesley, Maceo Parker and the JBs!

What does Babylon have you under? Summer Madness of 2011 is in full affect!! some feel the heatwave..they know what the deal is!

Some know what the real is; mind blowing decisions made like Heatwave;  plus Republicans don't want to behave..they can bear witness; might even have to make adjustments.

Dealing with glitches in the matrix; high and low technical difficulties!! so what's up with those and these? you know snitches fake it....Babylon trying to corrupt those and these; PE said you cant trust it!

Big homie lusted for the daughter of chaos; he got what he wanted!! now he wants to give her back!

As we roam the galaxy like the Space Shuttle Atlantis putting work in; blue collar style!! the kind that'll hurt your back!

I heard a joker said they had the knack; but the style was broke back like the mountain!

I heard a joker say they could recapture youth or recapture the magic; said they drunk from the fountain!

Meanwhile beats and english are broken; O-Dizzle is on that funk again!! usually of an intergalactic nature! 

Out in the streets anguish is felt due to the ponzi scheme haters will bait and switch ya!

From Wall Street to y'alls street!! Big Units will pitch ya curveballs sliders and sinkers!

Even knuckle balls....meanwhile a knucklehead balls !!! swerving...said he was a rider; switchng lanes without using blinkers!

A knucklehead falls;  meanwhile these critical thinkers went through the stage of development!

Who brings the ruckus to y'all?  more chaos and confusion!! winning or losing?  all up in the spot where reason gave way to madness you should know how the devil will get!

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