Sunday, July 31, 2011

We Were Under Attack PT.6......But We're Gonna Make It

As we proceed and continue; they wouldn't let us rest...we were under attack!

True indeed!! some were like Republicans aka Tea Party members..evil forces had combined; internal and external....they wanted us to fall back!

The towering inferno lit up the night sky!! plus forces of nature combined with it; check the thunder and lightning!

Plus the wind and rain is heavy!! it's Heavy Weather like Weather Report and Joe Zawinul did their thing!

Elements of the universe like Earth Wind and Fire!! noticed that haters will conspire..but O-Dizzle did his thing or thizzle; the reign began with a its on and popping!

But blessings can turn into curses...plans will fizzle for some due to the machines plans for us to be quiting and stopping!

Whats the dizzle? Dekalb County Georgia authorities were like Keystone Cops; setting up roadblocks stopping the wrong suspects!

Some try to getaway like Earth Wind and Fire. showing them how fast the truck gets!

A Ford F-150 or Dodge Ram used a gambler out for a fast buck gets rowdy; now the whole system is messed up!

Shady shifty ones damn us if we do or don't; its pessimistic vs optimistic...who has no where to go but they're dressed up?

The fashion police messed with ya plus the thought police were dream snatchers!

Please they're dealing with these fresh stream of consciousness dream catchers!

Atlanta residents..rolling up with a fresh and clean batch of this breakbeat science as we rebuke the attack!

Good and evil clash in this haters will get slapped with the blackjack!
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