Sunday, August 14, 2011

Caught Up In The Chaos and Confusion PT.2

It's business as usual....chaos and confusion reign supreme..all up in the spot where reason gave way to madness!

It's business as usual....whose caught up? situations get hot like over in Syria...who'll succumb to the mass hysteria?.. now joy turns into anger or sadness!

Danger zone residents realize the structure is falling apart like the 17th Street Bridge in Atlanta..or maybe the stage at the Indiana State Fair...wheres the duct tape?

O-Zone dipped down I-75;  now down here in Georgia; another corrupt state!..

Just left the so called Commonwealth of Kentucky...Mitch McConnell representing...many are unlucky because theres no common wealth!

The moves we make are stealth; trying to maintain our spiritual and physical health!

Whose Caught Up? chasing the material wealth left some of us stranded out there where reason gave way to madness!

Casing the joint looking for escape routes; might not see us until November like Tiger Woods; trying to get our minds right!! now were back with this!

Casing the joint...things are tight in these hoods!! but the actor or actress played their role;  but they were just fronting...I could see behind the scenes; behind the curtain!

Casing the joint...I noticed that chaos and confusion reigns supreme; everything is not working!
The reign began with a drizzle; O-Dizzle did his thizzle...he's rocking its on and popping!

In the midst of the chaos and confusion noticed untruths from Michele Bachmann but O-Zone is speaking his truth; I'm not quiting or stopping!

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