Saturday, August 13, 2011

Caught Up In The Chaos and Confusion

....Business as usual..its more of the same...just like mortgage fraud; it's more chaos and confusion!

Whats the deal with this? you should know what it do!! like the Hadron Collider its scientific; it's just like cold fusion!

O-Zone is a Mysterious Traveler like Weather Report mentioned ...a freedom rider; meanwhile O-Dizzle is using the sound; a fusion of jazz, funk, and hip hop; with elements of rock and house!

Danger zones are like Libya...check the steady bombardment of the enemy position that occurs!! Doctor O will rock the house!

For those that ask if theres a doctor in the house? London calls in Bratton for advice on the riots..meanwhile I told haters there's no reason to lie to us..questions answer themselves! 

We didn't wild out like youth in Philly with their flash mobs....but we took old girl and old dudes advice; we went on with our bad selves!

O-Zone has a book or sack full of the good word; O-Dizzle pulled funk off the shelves...he had a whole garage full..

The antidote for danger zone residents Caught Up in the middle of the drama...the system will barrage a fool!!

The phrase that pays or the quote manages to fool the masses...that was word from Ames Iowa in the GOP debate..

Off in another phase...another dimension.studied the Dark Mystery of Time and Space..peeping game...whose Caught Up in the chaos and confusion? oh yeah!! they should feel the hate...

We're going search of better days....the train of thought is rolling through the stream of consciousness..

We're going off...overcoming the chaos and confusion...check the breakbeat science...our response to this...

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